cropped-06df2271Doug Specht


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Doug has a background in teaching, development and knowledge management. He has worked in a wide range of sectors and environments and he brings a wealth of experience to VOZ. Much of  his work has revolved around developing and facilitating creative educational and knowledge sharing programs dealing with a range of topics including social equality, human rights, conflict resolution, global education and personal reflection. He has also carried out research, and published, on the relationships between knowledge, social media, political engagement and development, as well as examining the educational paradigms of the Global North and how they create knowledge structures that restrict the development opportunities of the South. This is work he continues alongside managing VOZ, and he is presently based at the University of Westminster.

Todd Specht

Lead Developer

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Todd is a freelance web developer with over 10 years experience coding websites and apps. He has a particular interest in security and cryptography which also allows him to apply his mathematical background. Todd is passionate about web technologies and their power to create connections, enable collaborations and produce creative solutions to problems from local to global in scale. He actively contributes to many open source projects and is a strong advocate for a truly accessible and ubiquitous world, both within the technology world and without. When he’s not coding he can often be found travelling the world in search of mountains to climb or oceans to dive.

Alexa Botines-Mora

Principal Translator (Spanish)

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Alexa is a highly experienced Spanish journalist and translator with more than 15 years experience on a national newspaper and with international companies. She has a degree in Political Science and Sociology. She spent three years based in London, where she took a Masters of Arts on International Journalism (specialising in Ethics) and has worked as correspondent, editor and media advisor.

Anouck Leroy-Callens

Principal Translator (French)


Anouck is 23 years old and lives in the South West of France near Toulouse. She holds a Degree in Social Anthropology, and is currently working as a freelance Translator. Anouck is passionate about languages, cultures and traveling, and interested in development and environmental issues.

Katharina Arndt



Katharina is a social scientist with experience in institutional and grassroots development work and a passion for the environment. She is particularly interested in environmental issues and movements in Latin America, having lived, traveled and researched in various parts of the region. She has worked with local communities as well as with international organizations, always looking for opportunities to apply her critical approach on development and to include the local/marginalized perspective of “the other”. Her academic background lies within the field of political sciences and post-development studies, with a clear focus on environmental topics. She has carried out research, inter alia, on the sociology of climate change and local knowledge in indigenous communities and is passionate about human and environmental rights. Katharina supported the establishment of VOZ within South America, supporting the primary research with her language skills, brainstorming project designs and implementing her experience and knowledge in the process of developing VOZ.