We have undertaken to work in a truly independent manner with absolutely no corporate, government or venture capital financing. We believe that, although this means our development process is slower, it is not possible to serve two masters and the users of our system are the reason we’re here. By refusing corporate, government or venture capital financing we can remain independent and can protect you better, both online and offline.

This policy also means that we reply on public donations in order to fund our work.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those people who have supported us thus far in the setting up of VOZ.

Funding Partners

Friends of the Earth | Oliver Stock | Stephanie Williamson | Jody Specht | Raffaella Rossetti | M. Mowforth

Key Contributors

Dennis Raetzel | James Watson | Petra Arndt | Stephanie Jedtke | Generation Alpha | Maik | Christian Arndt | Viv Lewis

Other Contributors

Kev | Jeffro | Claire Davies | Declan | Sheila Amoo-Gottfried | Barney Thompson | Tobie Roffey | Brendan ten Velthuis | Pauline Wallace | Andrew Wickham | Patricia Williamson | Azahara Espejo | Marcy | Julian Broke-Evans | Damian Stocks | Emeline

We would also like to thank the following individuals and organisations for their help in realizing VOZ and their continued support.

Environmental Network for Central America | Friends of the Earth | University of Amasterdam | Universidad del Valle | The Woodpecker Project | M. Mowforth | Katharina Arndt

If you would like to contribute to our continuing work please take a look at our donations page.