Over the last few years we have been keeping you up to date with the development and research around VOZ though emails managed by Mailchimp. It’s been a great service and has really helped VOZ to grow, but now it is time for us to leave them behind.

As you know we take the privacy of our mappers very seriously, and we thing this should extend to our readers too. To achieve this we are bringing our research and development updates inside of our briefings. This means we will no longer have to share any data with Mailchimp, and also we will be able to better share the most important information – the reports added to the map.

Many of you have already signed up for our weekly briefings and we would encourage those of you who haven’t to do so soon so you can curate the news you want to hear. Don’t worry though, we won’t leave anyone behind when we switch off Mailchimp, if you haven’t signed up for the briefings by the time we do we will set them up for you so you don’t miss any VOZ news.

Move me to the new mailing list

If you already receive a daily or weekly bulletin then you do not need to do anything else, you are already signed up to receive our new look Research and Development mailings.