In our last bulletin we took stock of all that had happen through 2014, this week we look ahead to our plans for VOZ over the coming year.

There is a great deal we still wish to add to the VOZ interface, and we will outline some of those over the coming months, but now that we have a robust, tested and fully functioning interface our main role over the coming months is the promotion of VOZ. By increasing the number of people mapping, and the number of reports added to the map each week, we will begin to create a strong image of the changing environmental and human rights landscape.

Furthermore, we aim to extend our digital infrastructure, making it easier for local groups working against similar issues to connect, come together and pool knowledge and good practice, even if they are geographically separated.

We believe at VOZ, that it is our unique combination of global mapping, coupled with local to local communication that, unlike the much lauded social media, will help highlight human rights and environmental abuses in a way that moves us beyond just documenting abuses, but towards holding those responsible to account.

2015 is our year of connectivity! From local voices, to a global voice!