A.Victor Devadoss, M. Clement Joe Anand
Loyola College

Youth is the major assets of a nation, we need to channel their energy accordingly and dissipate it appropriately for the benefits of a nation and humanity as a whole. Social media has how become indispensable in our societies. Most of the major social media are predominated by the youth, exploiting it for one purpose or the other. In this paper we analyzed how youth could constructively, the role of social media and it’s how it build a nation and achieve a promising future not only for themselves but equality for the upcoming generations using Neutrosophic cognitive maps. This paper has four sections. In section one, we give an introduction about Pervasive social Media, Section two we recall the definition of Neutrosophic Cognitive Maps (NCMs) Section three is deals with the methods of finding the hidden pattern in NCMs and analysis of Features or Characters of Youth and Youth Activism. In final section we give the conclusion based on our study.

Full Article here: http://vixra.org/pdf/1310.0028v1.pdf