Local & Global

VOZ provides a platform that enhances local community cohesion, as well as allowing SMOs to reach a global audience and build international connections to share good practice.

Independent & Secure

VOZ offers powerful proprietary 4096 bit encryption combined with secure ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified network infrastructure. And because we are truly independent we can guarantee your data is safe.

And Green Too!

Our servers and data centre are certified Truly Green and are powered by 100% renewable and green geothermal energy sources based in Iceland.

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VOZ is free and easily allows us to articulate the work of local social movements dealing with both human rights and environmental issues. VOZ is useful to help visualize what happens in our territories and share this with the world.

Comité de seguimiento Colombia

VOZ gives us the power to disseminate information and connect together environmental and social organizations to take action at any time against large-scale mining and other events.

Corporación Semillas de vida Colombia

It's great to have a reporting tool that integrates photos, text, and videos. Locating the reports on maps really helps to contextualise the problems.

Semillas de Agua Colombia

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